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Full Service Lincoln Branch Opening Monday, April 3

Starting Monday, April 3, our Lincoln Branch will be open M-F from 9-4pm.

Take the Tour Video Transcript

Welcome to the Online Banking!

This video will demonstrate the steps needed to access your personal online banking account for the first time. NOTES: The look of Online Banking varies by financial institution. To register for Online Banking, please contact the financial institution.

Step 1:

Enter your login name

Enter your password

Click the submit button

Step 2:

If prompted, create a new login name, then click the submit button.

NOTE: A new login name will only be required if you were assigned a temporary login name by your financial institution.

Step 3:

Provide a method for contact. This information will be used to send you a confirmation code. This code must be entered prior to accessing your online account information.

Step 3 Continued:

Select the type of contact Method:



Google Authenticator

Enter a name

Enter a phone number or email address

Click the submit button

Step 4:

Enter the code received via text message or email, then click the submit button.

Step 5:

If prompted, create a new password and then click the submit button.

Step 6:

Register your email address for Online Banking. NOTE: Various features of Online banking require a registered email address.

Enter your email address

Indicate if you would like to receive an alert to the displayed email address when you receive a secure message within Online Banking

Click the register button

Step 7:

Enter the received confirmation code then click the submit button.


You now have access to your personal Online Banking account.

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